Be Limitless

It’s time to operate without limits

A slogan I love to use frequently is ‘Living Limitlessly’ and I constantly repeat this saying when undertaking any activity. Whether it’s at work, in the gym, developing a new skill, I’m keen to make sure I do not limit myself. And I believe it’s important for you to do the same.

In life you are constantly told to know and manage your limits. You are encouraged to set the bar as if that it the highest point you can reach and you should go no further. By the time you are a teenager you would’ve been told “no” up to 16,000 times in an effort to restrict you and stop you from reaching beyond boundaries that were not set by you in the first instance, these boundaries are likely to have been measured by an environment whose norm is mediocrity.

What if you chose to push beyond the boundaries and not only raise the bar but completely remove it? You would appear to be rebellious or even viewed as disruptive. However if you want to go to places no one has been and maximise the impact that fulfilling your purpose brings you will have to get comfortable in going against the grind and stepping outside of the imaginary box you have been placed in.

You see the more you are encouraged to remain within the lines and not explore beyond the restriction placed on you, you become programmed with limiting-beliefs. You not only stop attempting to reach beyond the boundaries, but you start to doubt your ability to do more and be more.

The truth is you have no idea what you can do and what your full capability is when you keep on practicing and refining your skills. You have the capacity to shatter glass ceilings and pierce through the sky.

You have to make a conscious decision that you will do all that you can to push past your limits, to give more than you were told you can. Make operating past your limits a norm. Let the standards always be high. Be adventurous and use your imagination when it comes to building a life for yourself.

It is commonly said that “you only live once” so make that life meaningful, colourful, impactful, fulfilling, bright, extraordinary, hey let’s put it this way if they were to make a movie about your life let it be one that excites you and one you’d want to watch over and over again.

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