Pure Passion

Do it with passion or don’t do it at all.

There is really no point at all in attempting to do something if you are only going to do it half-heartedly.

Passion gives you wings to fly, soar and reach heights you never thought you could. It is the fire that sets your life ablaze and the light that gives direction. The fuel you need to start you off and to keep you going on your way.

But how do you find and obtain passion? Is it innate or do you have to obsessively search for it? Well that depends, you may be the type of person that is completely uninspired and have no drive. So it might require a bit more action where you are concerned. You may have to put in a bit more work to draw out your passions. It may just be something you haven’t discovered yet and until something moves you, or you actively try new experiences you just won’t experience the power of passion and what it can do for you.

On the contrary you may be the type of person that is passionate about everything. There’s nothing that doesn’t move you to take action. You just feel like you are going to burst with all the energy you have for life, people, your job, ambitions, relationships. You can’t and won’t stop because you feel like if you do the passion you have will eat you up from the inside. Well although that energy is an amazing force, if not harnessed appropriately it can just be as damaging as it is good. You may often feel misunderstood, rejected, alone and at times frustrated.

No matter where you are on the passion spectrum. It is important to focus on one passion, allow it to grow and then harness it. It’s great to have all that zeal however if not used well you become ineffective.

Passion works brilliantly when it is pure and targeted. When you are specific with the direction and your intent for the passion. When you know this you can be unstoppable an formidable force for any endeavour or cause.

Allow the power of passion to work for you. find it, work it and harness it.

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