Be the light

The light you are looking for is already inside of you

You may have 101 problems and trying to find solutions to all of these can be quite daunting and actually pretty stressful. Part of the reason for this is a lot of the searching happens externally and we attempt to find a solution which is nearly always out of our control. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Have you ever considered searching for the answer internally? Have you ever looked within and considered what actions you can take to trigger motion that leads you closer to the solution? If your answer to this is no, then why not?

We often set expectations on others to provide solutions to our problems, when in actual fact their aid is limited. They can only assist us within the parameters of their own ability. However when we take action ourselves there is no limit to how much we can do because the problem is personal, it directly inhibits our progress and to advance we need to make continual action towards a resolution.

And furthermore what if when you look externally, the solution never comes? What if you never get the answer you want? What do you do then? It’s no wonder why you feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. When you depend on a light at the end of the tunnel, or for the sun to rise but you’ve been waiting and nothing has happened, it may mean that you have to do something. You have to be that light to guide yourself out of the tunnel. The purpose of the light is to heighten your vision, it is to help you see clearly. However if you don’t have any external source of this, you have to heighten your vision with faith based on the knowledge you currently have. Faith has the ability to make your vision clearer. Faith gives you sight you never realised you had.

What if darkness is consuming your world and all you can do is hope for better days. You may have to be the sun that rises to bring clarity and vibrancy to your situation. Your outlook may have to change despite how the situation looks. You may have to command the time to favour what it is that you want to do and achieve.

The answers, the solution the light you are looking for is inside of you and when you discover it, let it shines brightly, let is be so encompassing that it sparks ablaze in the lives of all those around you.

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